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Hearing Loss: What We Need You to Hear Now While You Still Can

  Sound is so deeply rooted into people’s lives it becomes hard not to take it for granted throughout the years. Still, about 20 percent of Americans will lose their ability to hear at some point. By 65 years of age, one in three of them suffer from some level of hearing loss, states the Hearing Loss Association of American. more »


Hearing Test – One Could Potentially Save Your Life

Getting screened for hearing loss is a lifesaver because even a small change in your hearing might indicate something much bigger is going on. Continue reading


What Five Sounds Do People with Hearing Loss Fail to Hear Clearly

Each type of hearing loss brings with it different symptoms. Consider five sounds a person with hearing loss might be missing. Continue reading


Why Would Treating Hearing Loss Improve Your Memory

To find out why these things are important, you must first learn the specifics of how human memory works. Continue reading


6 Poorly Understood Conditions That Lead to Hearing Loss and Balance Problems

It’s important not to ignore symptoms of hearing loss or changes in balance. Although these conditions are not common, they are all best treated early. Continue reading