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hearing aid

5 Sad Misconceptions About Hearing Aids

Don’t believe the myths associated with hearing aids. Dismiss those pre-existing ideas and learn how hearing aids can help you. Continue reading


3 Hearing Aid Rip-Offs You Will Need To Avoid

  With an estimated 48 million people here in the U.S. suffering from some degree of hearing loss. It makes sense that there are scams associated with hearing aids, especially given the fact that many of the individuals in need of these devices are elderly and not a knowledgeable about technology. Current studies show that one in every three elderly more »


How to Select the Right Hearing Aid Model

  Today’s advances in technology assure that your hearing loss can be effectively remedied with the right hearing aid model. The difficulty is choosing the right one. With all of the hearing aid models on the market, it can be quite overwhelming. But by considering four factors—along with help from a seasoned hearing care professional—you can readily discover the ideal more »


How to Communicate Effectively Despite Hearing Loss

  Communication is regularly cited as one of the most—if not the most—important factors to building and preserving healthy relationships. According to the PBS program The Emotional Life: “How couples behave when solving problems together or arguing can predict the character and success of their relationship. A raised eyebrow, a hand on the arm, or a greeting all may seem more »


How Modern Hearing Aids Can Save Your Holiday Season

  Living with hearing loss during the holiday season can be particularly challenging. While you may actually prefer to NOT hear some of your family members, the conversations you do wish to participate in can be stressful. And because most large holiday gatherings tend to be loud, it can be virtually impossible to concentrate on any one person or dialogue. more »