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Hearing Aids & Accessories

What’s New in Hearing Aids?

Here at Geneva Hearing services we are constantly looking at new technologies that are being developed.


There have been a flood of new products recently and we do our best to keep up with the changes. Some of the options available on hearing aids are really incredible! One company offers hearing aids that are Bluetooth compatible to use with cell phones and MP3 players!

While not everyone needs (or can afford) all of the options out there, many of the improvements are affordable and very beneficial. Many people are experiencing better speech understanding and improved listening comfort with new hearing aids.

Recently, we started using a new circuit in our “In-The-Ear” products that has improved feedback cancellation and adaptive noise reduction features. It also has more bands of


adjustment to help the hearing aids work in all different sound environments, as well as optional adaptive directional microphones on certain models.

In the “Behind-The Ear” hearing aids, we have started using a new line of products that also feature improvements in feedback management and directional microphones. Some models feature total hands-free operation, including an automatic telephone coil.

We have also seen more success and popularity in the new “Open Fit” or “Receiver-in-the-Ear” (RITE) hearing aids. These are an excellent option for the mild- to moderate-high-frequency hearing loss. There are new developments and improvements to this line of hearing aids, too.

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