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Dr. Lia Ziemann, an audiologist at Geneva Hearing Services, partnered with the Starkey Hearing Foundation to bring better hearing to Sergio Manriquez, a resident of Aurora, IL. On September 5, 2017, Sergio was given the gift of better hearing through free hearing technology and follow up care.

“It’s not just about being able to hear better,” stated Dr. Ziemann. “It’s about giving Sergio every chance to be successful and enjoy life, and that’s what we did today. We gave him the opportunity to connect with his family, listen to music, be more aware of his surroundings, or simply follow and participate in a conversation. The ability to hear more clearly is just a vessel for what makes someone truly happy.”

Dr. Ziemann has been working with Sergio and his family during this life-changing event. She was able to help Sergio qualify for free hearing technology and much-needed follow-up care. Dr. Ziemann states, “Most people believe better hearing is all about the hearing aid, but the real benefit comes from the proper fitting of those devices and appropriate follow-up care. We use verification techniques and best practices with all our patients to ensure they are always hearing at their very best.”

Before receiving his new devices, Sergio would get frustrated often because he couldn’t hear at work or at home. According to Maria, a family member, “He would get so mad all the time because he couldn’t understand what anyone was saying. It was affecting his ability to work and his relationships at home with his kids.” Since being treated by Geneva Hearing Services, Sergio has been able hear at work and be more productive. Maria reports Sergio now hears his kids laughing, actively participates in the conversations at dinner, and even hears his youngest son say, “Papa, papa.”

Dr. Ziemann stresses the importance of knowing the signs and symptoms of hearing loss — TV volume too loud, complaints of trouble hearing in groups or restaurants, answering inappropriately, or failing to respond to conversation-level speech.

Geneva Hearing Services is involved in other community-focused and charitable events.

Geneva Senior Center – monthly free hearing screening.

FermiLab – free educational seminars on how we hear, the effects of hearing loss, and communication


Greenfields – monthly visits to provide services for residents with hearing loss.

St. Charles Park District – sponsorship of their senior breakfast and bingo nights.

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