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Geneva, IL – A new year offers an opportunity for a fresh start. For those looking to improve their or a loved one’s hearing, Geneva Hearing Services has resolved to help with a plan of action catered specifically to a patient’s lifestyle, goals, and hearing experience.

“We help people all year long achieve their better-hearing goals,” says Dr. Maria Morrison, Audiologist and owner of Geneva Hearing Services. “This time of year is one of our favorites because our patients have a fresh resolve to change their lives for the better. Coming off the holiday season, it becomes even more apparent to our current patients just how much their technology and treatment has helped them make the most of life.”

Geneva Hearing Services works in a way that focuses on understanding a patient’s lifestyle, personal hearing needs, and hearing goals when designing their customized treatment plans. With a patient-centric treatment focus, they offer patients educational materials, small steps toward obtaining their goals, and support for both patients and their loved ones.

“Hearing better doesn’t happen overnight. It takes determination and support — the patient brings the determination and we bring the support,” says Dr. Morrison. “That can look like everything from compassionate care to multiple treatment options to offering a variety of technology choices. When they succeed, so do we.”

After a patient is fit with hearing technology, the practice uses a four-step process to help ensure a patient’s success. From follow-up appointments to retraining the brain, cleaning/checkup appointments, technology adjustments, and an annual evaluation, Geneva Hearing Services has designed a follow-up plan to help ensure 2016 resolutions are achieved.
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About Geneva Hearing Services – Geneva Hearing Services is a full-service, independently owned audiology practice proud to be bringing better hearing to the Fox Valley area for over 9 years. From their downtown Geneva location, our AudigyCertified™ hearing care practice has helped thousands of patients with their hearing and tinnitus issues —and offers state-of-the-art diagnostic testing and expert fitting of hearing technology.

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