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A major new study covered by networks such as CNN reinforces the potential benefits of hearing aids in beating back dementia, and we’re excited to tell you about it. The study, published in The Lancet, revealed that for those more vulnerable to cognitive decline, hearing aids could help reduce the risk nearly 50%.

It’s another step forward in understanding the benefits of addressing hearing loss and a reminder of the importance of regular hearing-health checkups. Four key points from the large randomized trial, which comprised over 3,000 adults selected from (1) a national cardiovascular health study and (2) healthy community volunteers, include:

Lower Risk
Among older adults with increased risk of cognitive decline, the combined application of hearing aids and audiologic counseling staved off deterioration of thinking and memory capabilities by 48% — a pretty remarkable percentage!

Brain Connection
Though not yet conclusive, the mechanisms linking hearing loss and cognitive decline may include problems such as distorted sound signals forcing the brain to toil harder and divert from other tasks, faster brain shrinkage and other potential structural changes, and reduced social engagement.

Underused Treatment
Though common especially among older populations worldwide, hearing loss remains undertreated. The study adds to a growing body of research pointing to hearing loss as a potentially modifiable risk factor for dementia, further driving the importance of hearing-care interventions such as hearing aids.

Holistic Approach
The study also reflects the significance of maintaining overall health through regular medical evaluations, physical activity, quality rest, nutrition that emphasizes beneficials such as leafy greens, and continuous efforts to keep the mind active and engaged.

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